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Do you think you have what it takes to become a bitcoin miner? Are you looking at buying a USB Bitcoin Miner? Maybe you’re drawn to some of the things you’ve heard about Bitcoin– how it may be the currency of the future. Maybe you’ve heard of how versatile and simple it is to use and exchange. We live in an age where you can take out your smartphone and send 10 different amounts of Bitcoin to 10 different people, in 10 different countries, in less than 10 minutes. And you can do it from your smartphone, in your pajamas with a cup of tea. Plus convert to their own local currency.

And then the money would be in escrow for a few days. But again, with Bitcoin: 10 minutes, smartphone, pajamas, tea. Behind the hard work and digital heavy lifting of bitcoin miners. What is a Bitcoin Miner?

In the old, old days before we started to print money, jewels and medals were the currency we exchanged. Miners would be the ones going into the mines and unearthing these precious stones and metals so they could be put into the economy. And for their trouble, these miners would often get rewarded with a bit of currency themselves. That’s pretty much the model of the Bitcoin miner. Only, they’re not using a pickaxe, they’re using a specialized software, or hardware like a USB Bitcoin Miner. They go out on the web and solve incredibly complex math problems to mine the Bitcoin currency, and when they succeed, they’re rewarded with Bitcoin payments for their hard work. Now, they also earn money another way: by monitoring and approving Bitcoin transactions.

They approve or deny a transaction, with an eye out for fraudulent deals. And if the deal is approved, they get a piece of the action for their effort. Adding more Bitcoin miners will mean a more secure network for the world. It also means faster transactions, with more Bitcoin miners hard at work to push these transactions through the world’s digital economy. As we just mentioned, more Bitcoin miners mean the currency is faster and safer. But that also means it’s a whole lot harder to mine.

Hence the need for a USB Bitcoin Miner. Like gold or diamonds, there is a limited amount of it out there. So, the more you find, the less is left, and the more the value will rise as you get to the end of your undiscovered supply. In 2009, 1 Bitcoin was worth 0. 27 worth of bitcoins in 2009. The plight and methods of the Bitcoin miner have changed over the years.

The faster demand to mine, and mine, and mine has driven the need for faster and more specialized equipment. We will touch on that a bit later. Now, the successful Bitcoin miner no longer works alone on their laptop. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A team of skilled and like-minded Bitcoin miners getting together to pool brains, tools, and resources. And each member of the team will get a percentage of the Bitcoins that pool has worked so hard to mine, based on the relative amount of work he or she has done.

It was all they had and all anyone had ever used. That was until a few years later when a few savvy miners saw the inherent value in using a video game graphic card. Graphics cards were able to process a miner’s work 50 to 100 times faster and consumed much less power per unit of work. Fast forward to the winter of 2011. These were faster than anything we had seen so far and opened the doors to concentrated mining farms. The USB Bitcoin Miner changed everything.

To call these a game-changer is a bit of an understatement. They were ungodly fast compared to everything else out there and consumed far less power. This is the standard where everyone is at now. So the competition is getting more heated among miners. That means technology is getting faster and much more expensive, as the bar and demand keep going up, and up, and up. These tools can help you generate a Bitcoin address, which is what you will need to work in a Bitcoin miner pool. You don’t want to do this alone.