Over the last year, we have overlooked a phenomenon that certainly relates to the last two: Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency explosion. My guest today is a man who has been one of the most agorism bitcoin mining figures in Bitcoin promotion, education, growth and recent controversies. Roger Ver was the first investor in many successful Bitcoin startups, and he has worked for over 5 years on the adoption of Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat money, both inside and outside the voluntaryist community. Roger has referred to this effort as “the separation of money and state.

The final meetup: Nick and I were very happy to encounter a diverse, open and thoughtful group in Richmond, VA. Huge thanks to Larry, Travis, Isaac, Herzan, Allen and Kal for sharing their stories and their wisdom. View all shows from School Sucks Across America Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Sherry and Daniel run the popular Speaking Freely talk show on WETR in Knoxville. Mike and Brett fill Jamie in on what he missed after he slipped into an alternate universe 6 years ago. The guys then go on to address and solve all of society’s current ills, including the Trump Presidency, political correctness, gender dysphoria, Bitcoin usability difficulties, Hollywood sexual harassment, unfresh Greek pastries, the unsolved murder of JFK, low testosterone, conflicts over the nature of reality, etc Also featuring Nick the African.

WARNINGS: If you where not a fan off Wheels Off Liberty, this show is not for you. Kristin and Michael are a young couple raising their eight-year-old daughter Elle in the enchanted land of New Mexico. The first three days of travel from Los Angeles were somewhat tiring and stressful, but when Nick and I arrived at their home my mood changed and I was quickly reminded of why I wanted to take this trip. After Elle gave us a tour of their spectacular backyard, Kristin and Michael told me their daughter “likes to make her own paths. The final event of Renegade University and School Sucks Project Present A Weekend With Thaddeus Russell. Attendees grab the mic and discuss the following topics: Paul Gibbons Polyamory and the family Marcy and Olivia A mom brings her home-educated 14-year-old daughter from Hawaii to expose her to new and uncomfortable ideas.

Stan Tragedy and Hope, The Trivium, technocracy and the future Nick Ulbrick Thad’s relationship with Foucault and Freud, and his choices as a writer and historian View all shows from School Sucks Across America Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! If you think you already heard everything on Unregistered, please listen to the intro for this show. Attendees grab the mic and question Thad on the following topics: Patrick – What are some topics on which you still need to sort out your beliefs and opinions? Brian – What is the call to action from what we’re learning here?

Jared – Political Violence Nathan – Property rights Henok – What is the ideal ratio of puritanism to hedonism in society? V CLUB version for more commentary on mistakes and missed opportunities. Temple Square and shares the gospel, history, features and benefits of Mormonism in an attempt to persuade me to join the faith. Watch the full video version: View all shows from School Sucks Across America Please Support School Sucks We do cool things! Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Project just returned from a 40-day cross-country trip, where he held meetings and events highlighting alternative approaches to education.

He joins me today to discuss what he found. 528: A Roundtable of Hot Topics! Denver was one of the biggest gatherings of the tour, with many attendees who were unfamiliar School Sucks Project. After I introduced myself and my work, we got comfortable with each other pretty quickly and delved into a fast-paced group discussion covering a variety of interesting and controversial topics. We also talk about Shawna’s public school teaching experience, how children reveal hypocrisy, the Love and Logic parenting method, dealing with doubts and fears about peaceful parenting and alternative education, and some of my new insights on school vs.

This podcast has two parts. The first is an interview with Julie Price, the founder and owner of Sparks Academy. The second is a very informal living room discussion with many of the young learners who attend Sparks. Julie and I talked about the founding, mission and daily activity of her alternative education setting, and Sparks students describe how they direct their own learning. Huge thanks to Shawna and Jerrod Hein for hosting me in Kansas and for setting up this great event! I drive him around St.