Everything you need to get started on Bitcoin mining! I was running a few erupters on a hub but as Bitcoin block format increased my mining network and I started to use hundreds of erupters, I noticed CGMiner became a little bit buggy. Download and install the driver for you Block Erupter.

Each Erupter requires at least 0. 5A at 5V if you’re plugging them into a USB hub. Once you’ve properly installed the driver and your erupters are plugged in, you should see them appear in your Devices and Printers like the picture below. Find the folder where you save BFGMiner and unzip the files. You can then move the shortcut to your desktop for easier access. To access your BFGMiner, double click on the shortcut you made and your miner should start.

You should read though the README. TXT file that came with the BFGMiner zip file to get to know how the miner works and it’s functions if you’re not familiar with BFGMiner program. BFGminer links don’t seem to be working. Thanks for letting me know, looks like Luke-Jr has a 3. 4 release, but when I try to download it timed out as well. I will upload a copy of 3.

3 until his his download links are back up again. Unfortunately I only have the Win64 version of BFGminer 3. No final pic of it running? Instead of the XXXXXXX I did put my correct worker name and password. Where did I go wrong? I also tried without the -G and same thing happens. 3333 I think please check with their website.

NP, if you’re still having problems I would give BFGMiner a try. Seem like more people are having less trouble with it. Few other things that works for me is instead of creating shortcuts to your desktop, use a text pad and create a . I’ll try to find some time in the next day or two to update a step by step to run it that way. But Ill try running dos.

Your step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated. API was for the main pool the url you gave was for stratum compatible. I still have no idea. I guess I will tinker with it for a bit, If nothing happens, Ill give CGMINER a shot tomorrow. My USB block exploder just arrived and I have the exact same result. I am using Slush and have it configured exactly as above.

All devices disabled, cannot mine! How do I enable my device? I have correctly installed the 64-bit USB driver from the link supplied. Status: This device is working properly.