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You can choose your language settings from within the program. I’ve extended my Arduino IRremote library to support RC6 codes up to 64 bits long. Now your Arduino can control your Xbox by acting as an IR remote control. The previous version of my library only supported 32 bit codes, so it didn’t work with the 36-bit Xbox codes. Note: I don’t actually have an Xbox to test this code with, so please let me know if the code works for you.

This code is in my “experimental” branch since I’d like to get some testing before releasing it to the world. The following program simply turns the Xbox on, waits 10 seconds, turns it off, and repeats. Off code is “unsigned long long”, and the associated constant ends in “LL” to indicate that it is a long long. Because a regular long is only 32 bits, a 64-bit long long must be used to hold the 64 bit code. Every time you send a RC5 or RC6 code, you must flip the toggle bit. Otherwise the receiver will ignore the code. If you want to send the code multiple times for reliability, don’t flip the toggle bit until you’re done.

The following code will print a message on the serial console if it receives an Xbox power code. It will also dump the received value. Two things to note in the above code. 32 bits, and second to print the bottom 32 bits. Note that the received value is split between the two Serial. Also note that the output oscillates between F740C and FF40C as the sender flips the toggle bit.