USD continues to move lower withindowntrend short-term channel. The technicalstructure bitcoin codebase mql4 further weakness.

The long-term technical pattern is reversing. Daily economic digest from Forex. What is an Expert Advisor? Has anyone of you noticed execution problems at f4u? Have they got problems with their liquidity provider? I get offquotes all the time. While I was studying Technical Analysis I made a lot of Photoshop imagesto show words of wisdom that was said by writers of technical analysis books.

Ibuild this thread to share those pictures with you and I hope they could helpyou to find them interesting. Any SWEDISH members in this forum? I’m looking for more SWEDISH members in this forum and if you are one you are welcome to comment this topic and let me and others know that you excists and maybe establish friendship! I need one that is reliable. I am trying to get my Metaquotes ID in order to activate push notifications so to receive signals on my mobile.

I can not get the “Options, Message” screen on my broker terminal. Is this that my broker does not allow this trading facilities? Or am I doing something wrong? I need a programmer to build an EA for me. This EA will work on MT4 or Mt5, but I prefer Mt4. Entry will be conditioned to those 2 movements.

EA’s for mt4 in LINUX? 4 working in a Linux Machine. It used to be very easy in the past, when I could simply download the files. The rest of the time it returns 10000, which is the value I set in the tester. The same EA functions as I would expect on build 1643. How to generate a .

Im asked to generate a . Could someone please tell me how can i put the following information on a . I have an EA and I want to optimize it by Matlab. I write my EA in matlab? I’m having a little loss right now, but I think I’ll close the deal with profit.