No need for advertising or software protection, no payment troubles. The longer the price is clamped within the range, the more likely this will change. When the range is broken, the price intensifies its movement due to the triggering of orders and the entry of new participants into the market aware of the flat coming to an end. Breakthrough Solution For Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Bitcoin macd settings Inside One Powerful Tool!

Trend Pro’s unique algorithm precisely detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives exact signals with exit levels. A tool you can confidently trust because of its enhanced rules for statistical calculation and unmatched reliability. Maximize the potential of Trend Pro, please visit www. In Forex trading, the Open price of a new period is usually the same as the close price of the preceding one.

This suggests an imbalance in the price action. Price tends to move during the new period to cover the gap created. This is a trend following indicator that identifies optimal entry points in the direction of a trend with an objective stop loss to manage the trade. The indicator allows you to catch trend early and ride it. The Indicator draws resistance line as it detects an Uptrend and draws support line when it detects a Downtrend on the chart. This is a ready-made strategy for binary options!

An arrow appears during a signal formation. Maverick has an algorithm inside that warns you for a possible change of price direction in the next 5 minutes. With Maverick, it’s sufficient to read the comment “Points” on a currency-pair chart of your MT4 platform to find out the best time to trade. Points range from 0 to 10: when a candle closes, the higher the Points, the more likely the direction is to change during the next five minutes. PSC Safe Trading is a position size calculator.

It helps the trader to establish the correct size and helps him to have a correct Money Management. It calculates the properly lot size based on a fixed risk percentage. It calculates the properly lot size based on a fixed monetary amount. PSC Safe Trading also allows to switch easily between Balance or Equity to calculate the correct lot size.

Like any system, there are losing signals, but otherwise you have the possibility to easily get involved at the beginning of the trend. Trend Reverting indicator provides unique arrows based on professional trading strategy allowing you to trade without effort every day of the week. The indicator algorithm generates arrows both in the beginning and in the continuation of the trend. You will also immediately get an alert, e-mail and notification message. FX Levels Pro is a must to trade Forex. Trading without these levels on your chart is like driving a car for a long journey without a roadmap. You would be confused and blind.

Support and resistance levels should be used as guideline to figure out possible turning points and targets. The levels are entry and exit points for your trades. The indicator draws these levels analyzing the H1, H4, D1 and W1 timeframes. The panel is interactive and allows you to switch the symbol on the chart with one click. In addition there are multiple options for customization including colors and sizes. The indicator detects breakouts in real time and gives visual signals with text and color. Simultaneous signals from 3 time frames.

The indicator is a ready-made scalping strategy. The algorithm calculates a micro trend, then searches for price roll-backs and forms a short-term trading signal according to a market price. The indicator consists of a data window and a graphical signal on the chart in the form of an up or down arrow. The data window displays the current trading symbol, spread and appropriate trader’s actions: WAIT, SELL and BUY. Show trend line – show the main trend line.

Main Trend Line Color – color of the trend line. The indicator show the various supports and resistances on the chart, using different colours to differentiate them. The lighter the colour, the smaller the wave. They work on every timeframe, every market.