After disputing economic gains under his predecessor, the president is seizing the same bitcoin macroeconomics news as his own. Is the GOP tax law already working? How Does Obama’s Foreign Policy Look a Year Into Trump? Jay Inslee is seen here.

A trader on the floor of the NYSE is pictured. A trader wearing a Trump hat works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on March 10. President Donald Trump continues to tout a booming stock market that also rose under President Barack Obama. The White House hopes to boost President Donald Trump’s low approval ratings by using the economy as a centerpiece of its political message in 2018, according to three White House officials, even if many of the president’s successes so far are squarely built on the legacy of former President Barack Obama. The trends of declining unemployment, coupled with healthy gains in the stock market, began during Obama’s first term, a welcome uptick following the global economic downturn Obama inherited in 2009. The Trump administration has built on those gains, particularly in recent months. Business confidence has soared on the expectation of sweeping tax cuts as well as the administration’s push to roll back regulations on everything from energy to housing to health care to labor rules.