Checking out the freshest virtual reality experiences for the HTC Vive. Greetings, denizen bitcoin mining difficulty setting up wii the virtual reality realm.

Make yourself comfortable, because I’ll be using this new weekly column to be taking you through some of the most coin-worthy new VR games on Steam. We’ll cast a glance at some of those too. You see, it’s all to save you from expending your time, energy and money on titles best confined to the virtual abyss. I’m practically providing a public service here.

But before I delve into the good, the bad and the ugly to have hit Valve’s store in the past seven days, let’s have a brief recap of some of the VR gold that’s already out there. Because, remember, gamers: while the turds may be virtual, the smell is real. The frenetic archery game uses the Vive’s room-scale tracking to great effect, forcing you to duck, weave and spin as you aim arrows at holographs while avoiding their returning fire. You’re one part Legolas, two parts Neo, three parts a badass.

And you may have already heard about Raw Data, which looks better than a kebab at 3am. If you’re not sold on it after that, then sorry – there’s nothing more I can do to sway you. I’ve had to begrudgingly tear myself off it just to try other games this week. Dodgeball, table tennis and disc golf provide solid entertainment, but it’s paintball, which uses a teleportation-style movement system, that will keep you returning. The only downside is that matches are sometimes plagued by more camping than a Scouts’ weekend away. A brilliant tactical FPS sim that’s more Arma 3 than COD, it practically demands to be experienced in leather boots with warpaint smeared across your face. Or, you know, read this column every week – that should work too.

If you’ve been looking for a charming multiplayer game that tests your reflexes, dexterity and aim, then Bomb U! It scores high marks for originality and gameplay, but you might be hanging around a while until a player comes online. It’s a bummer, but kind of kind of expected considering it’s only just out of Early Access. The aim is to use an assortment of weapons at your disposal – including guns, maces and bombs – to blow chunks out of their safe haven until they have nothing left to stand on, causing them to tumble dramatically from the sky. I had a heart-in-mouth experience the first time I lost, partly because I wasn’t expecting it but mostly due to the dizzying immersion of VR. From that moment on, a layer of tension was added to every match.