You can also shoot simple bitcoin mining extreme terrain videos using a range of timing settings and a handy ‘Loop Record’ function, which continuously records in small sections, overwriting the oldest files when the memory card is full. This basically means you can use your Olfi one. Wi-Fi is activated and the unit is paired to a smartphone. The addition of the new back-illuminated Sony Exmor-R CMOS sensor is instantly noticeable, with colors looking more vivid than before, while image shake is reduced thanks to gyro stabilization in most situations.

We found the vibration from a V-twin motorcycle engine was enough to overpower the technology, but that’s a fairly extreme example. When attached to a bicycle on rough terrain, it did a good job of smoothing out the footage. There’s even an option in the menu screen that allows users to select just how intense the color palette should be, with the option to shoot ‘Flat’ should you want to color-grade in post. Hero5 Black currently does, but it is still very good.

Those with detailed photographic knowledge can play around with exposure settings, three metering modes, five white balance options and five different ISO limits, while it’s possible to reduce the fisheye effect when shooting in wide angle via a distortion correction setting. Still images can also be captured from 3MP to 16MP, with the option to activate a neat High Dynamic Range function that captures more detail in the highlights and shadows. Apart from looking a bit cheap, the app is only really good for viewing live footage, adjusting some basic functionality and downloading footage and images to a mobile device. What camera should I buy?

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A tripod is an essential purchase for many photographers, and here’s our guide to choosing the perfect setup. Question: what has three legs, one head, and doesn’t get out much? Answer: that big, heavy tripod that’s too much of a chore to lug around. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Increasingly, manufacturers are coming up with cunning designs that are relatively compact and lightweight, yet extend to lofty operating heights and offer solid support even for heavyweight camera and lens combinations. Better still, the latest tripods are often packed with intriguing features and clever tricks. It’s all good news because, even in broad daylight, a tripod can help you get sharper shots with better, more precise composition.