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4K gaming on just one card a reality. The first true 4K GPU has arrived. What is the future of PC gaming? With 12GB of RAM and 3,072 cuda cores, it’s the company’s “we’re not messing around” GPU, and represents the absolute maximum amount of performance available from a single Nvidia GPU at this moment in timeat least as far as gamers are concerned. Unlike previous Titan GPUs, the Titan X isn’t designed to excel at compute tasks or bitcoin mining—when it comes to double-precision compute ability, it runs at the same speed as a GTX 980.

In other words, this is a card designed for just gamers. Gamers with super fat wallets, that is. The Titan X has the same chassis as Nvidia’s previous flagship GPUs, but it’s painted black this time. The Titan X looks exactly like the last ten high-end GTX video cards that have come before it, save for the fact it’s been painted black this time instead of silver.

It uses the exact same form factor and style of cooling mechanism as all those previous cards. LED around the card’s fan in the teaser photos a real feature, but those are small disappointments once you start digging into what’s housed within. As you can see from the chart, the Titan X definitely puts up some good numbers, as it’s higher spec’d than any other GPU currently available. This card is what is known as “Big Maxwell,” or the full implementation of the Maxwell architecture. Just like with its Kepler line, where Nvidia released the GTX 680 and then the Titan, Nvidia released the cut-down version of its Maxwell architecture with the GM204 chip inside the GTX 980 and GTX 970, and followed it up with the “big chip” GM200, which has three billion more transistors, and all features unlocked and available. To put it into numbers, the GTX 980 has 2,048 cuda cores and the big-boy Titan X has 3,072. The GTX 980 has 16 streaming multiprocessors, and the Titan X has 24.

In other words, the Titan X has every single widget of performance available in the Maxwell architecture. The GM200 chip at the heart of the Titan X sports a crazy 8 billion transistors. On the surface, the Titan X’s clock speed seems somewhat conservative at 1000MHz for the base clock, and 1075MHz for the boost clock. These speeds are lower than what we’ve seen with other Maxwell cards—for example, the GTX 980’s base clock is higher than this card’s boost clock. We assume that because this card has three billion more transistors than the GTX 980 and, as a result, guzzles a lot more electricity, Nvidia had to keep the clocks down a bit in order to keep the card from going nuclear during gaming.