Originally, the CPU was used for mining, but miners quickly discovered the GPU bitcoin mining hardware vs video card far more efficient and effective for mining. Currently, there are no ASICs for mining Ethereum.

Finding the right GPU for mining Ethereum can be difficult. It is important to balance the power of the GPU with the cost of the GPU and the cost of electricity. Just Looking to Acquire Ethereum? However, if you just want to get Ethereum, it’s probably not the fastest route.

They make it quick and easy to buy Ethereum. GPUs, you’ll see a great return on your investment. As you can see, the above graph shows the return on investment of the Radeon R9 295X2. 1,000 annually per card each year. If you invest in multiple cards, you will make even more passive income. Ethereum’s mining algorithm is very profitable.

However, regular GPUs can be used to mine Ethereum. In 2018, Ethereum mining is quite profitable. 500 W from the wall. 18 USD annually per card. It consumes 300 W at max load.