Some people might argue such a statement is only logical from a Bitcoin investor, as Tim Draper holds a significant amount bitcoin projections Bitcoin. 14357 single-format-standard 2018-bitcoin-price-tim-draper-unlikely global-block-template-1 td-magazine single_template_2 wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-5. We decided to revisit this prediction to see if it looks any more realistic two years in. This makes it all but impossible for anyone to correctly predict the price at any given time.

10,000 USD per bitcoin by 2018. 1,200, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibilities either. 2015 Bitcoin price about two years ago. 1,000 mark for quite some time now, and it is doubtful if this will change soon. This is one of the drawbacks of Bitcoin as a currency, as people feel the value can go either way in the coming years.

It would take a lot for Bitcoin to reach the target as envisioned by Tim Draper. Then again, there’s plenty of bitcoin to go around and many other holders around the world probably wouldn’t mind hitting this price by 2018. Do you agree or disagree with Tim Draper? What’s your Bitcoin price prediction for 2018? Let us know in the comments below! Jean-Pierre Buntinx is a freelance Bitcoin writer and Bitcoin journalist for various digital currency news outlets around the world, Jean-Pierre also has a keen interest in Fintech and technology, and he is always open to new challenges. Sign up for the Bitcoin .

Bitcoin News delivered to you! First, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase says he regrets calling bitcoin a fraud. Now, legacy bank Goldman Sachs is formally recognizing how cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could act as global money. Kodak, a legacy photography company synonymous with the last century, is to launch its own cryptocurrency, Kodakcoin. Not content with holding an ICO, the company has also decided to get into cryptocurrency mining in what’s been interpreted as a desperate bid to stay relevant.

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