Reddcoin development goals bitcoin qt testnet mining guide objectives for the next 18 months. Initiative features in the roadmap to enable positive social engagement and reward.

During the summer of 2016, Reddcoin saw a major update to the network through the release of the v2. Features included in the release pave the way for Reddcoin to be made more accessible and to encourage widespread adoption. The code base has moved from Litecoin, with Reddcoin becoming a fork of Bitcoin, based on the v0. This grants Reddcoin direct access to upstream features and fixes coming from Bitcoin development. With this major work now complete and adoption of v2. 0 steadily increasing, the attention of the Reddcoin team now turns to the road ahead.

This document presents the 2016-2017 roadmap detailing Reddcoin development goals and objectives over the next 18 months. The outline of core objectives are made along a timeline with milestones to measure and validate healthy progress. Over the past year there has been significant work done at the Core wallet level to provide a stable blockchain ready to support various applications and features as development continues. OP_RETURN with a 80-byte limit, as well as numerous security upgrades and bug fixes taken from Bitcoin Core. As features continue to be added further extensions of infrastructure will be required. While the core team will provide some of this infrastructure, the broader community will also be encouraged to become involved.

The core team will be available at all times to provide guidance if requested. The Reddcoin team maintains a strong proactive attitude. Contact is being made and maintained with third-party teams who are planning or who have already implemented various services for Reddcoin. For the long-term viability of the project, it is essential to engage with other groups who have taken or who will take the time to support Reddcoin in their endeavours.