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Tech Roundup: Apple Buys Shazam, Makes Advance to Finisar – Nasdaq. 390 million advance to Finisar FNSR and Western Digital WDC making peace with Toshiba were the top news from. Join the NASDAQ Community today and get free, instant access to portfolios, stock ratings, real-time alerts, and more! Toshiba were the top news from last week. Shazam identifies music playing near the device within a few seconds and directs users to places like Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store where they can listen to the whole track later. It’s unlikely that the service will be available to Android users as well, as it is now. 390 million funding from Cupertino-based Apple that it will use to re-open a long-shuttered, 700,000-sqare-foot manufacturing plant in Sherman, Texas.

3D mapping of the external environment. VCSEL products are currently in short supply, with the main providers being Finisar, Lumentum and Oclaro where Oclaro is the smallest and Lumentum the leader. But Finisar has been gearing up to increase production manifold. It’s unclear at this stage whether Apple’s agreement with Finisar involves the purchase of its entire production, which would preclude the company from supplying to Android manufacturers like Samsung, etc. But Apple no doubt secured the deal at very favorable rates as it usually does with its component suppliers. So it looks like a good deal for Apple and an average one for Finisar because Apple supply agreements usually mean good volumes at very low profit margins.

Toshiba and Western Digital have agreed to settle all disputes between them, which means Western Digital’s withdrawal of all its legal proceedings against Toshiba and allowing the sale of Toshiba’s memory chip business to K. Pangea, a special purpose acquisition company formed and controlled by a consortium led by Bain and including Apple and WDC competitors Seagate and Hynix. At the same time, they “agreed on mutual protections for their assets and confidential information in connection with the sale of Toshiba Memory, and on collaborating to ensure the future success of Toshiba Memory as a public company following an eventual IPO. WDC CEO Steve Milligan expressed satisfaction that “our interests in the JV were sufficiently protected and we had the right kind of protections and the right kind of access.

They also agreed to extend their JV partnerships including Flash Alliance that now runs to December 31, 2029 and Flash Forward to December 31, 2027. Flash Partners was previously extended to December 31, 2029. Western Digital will receive chip supply. They will also collaborate on the upcoming wafer fabrication facility in Iwate Japan, for which a new agreement will be drawn up “in due course. Chinese Phone Makers Coming to the U.

Bloomberg reports that China’s biggest smartphone vendors Huawei and Xiaomi have their eyes on the U. That could take up to two years, according to Xiaomi executive Wang Xiang. Since wireless carriers are showing less inclination for subsidizing phones, this seems like the right time for Chinese players to make an entry, since they can sell devices much cheaper. Beijing, China to make the most of the growing talent in the region. The company hasn’t made much progress doing business in China but chairman Eric Schmidt has said it “never left” China. The Beijing-based team will work with AI colleagues in Google offices across the world, including New York, Toronto, London and Zurich. It’s true that competition for AI talent is on the rise since most modern systems will soon be using some form of the technology.

So it might be a good idea to grab whatever’s possible. Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist at Google Cloud will be the heading effort and will be joined by Jia Li, who formerly headed research at Snap. Google have reportedly raised objections to a takeover of Qualcomm by Broadcom. They have said that Broadcom has a history of cutting cost rather than investing in innovation that could hurt their own expansion plans. Microsoft is currently working on ARM-based Windows 10 PCs that could for the first time help it diversify away from the X86 architecture. Any scale back from Qualcomm’s side could impact this strategy. The other reason is that Broadcom is cozy with prime competitor Apple, which could make matters worse for them.