Bitfinex Scam – Have you read about it? Read about the Bitfinex scam before you lose your money to this horrible, scammy exchange and end up with nothing left at all. If bitcoin shitload of money’ve been looking at trading crypto currency, you’ve probably read about Bitfinex as afterall they are apparently the biggest exchange on the internet.

Being so big, you would think that the whole Bitfinex scam accusations would be false. As with anything, you need evidence to backup your claims, see below for some evidence related to the Bitfinex scam that you should be aware of. We encourage spreading the website link about to alert customers about the issues noticed with Bitfinex but are against anyone such as the trolls we have seen on Reddit who do nothing but impact other end users instead of helping them resolve their issues like this site aims to do. While reddit isn’t typically the best source of information, browsing the Bitfinex subreddit, you can see dozens and dozens of threads where people are making claims of Bitfinex being a scam and having serious issues with cashing out their money. I encourage you to browse the Bitfinex subreddit via the link above.

Reading the above subreddit, its apparent that dozens of people are having issues with withdrawls. Is Bitfinex engaging in insider trading? If you read more into the Bitfinex scam, there’s numerous claims that the director is involved in insider trading. How did Bitfinex deal with the loss of the 120,000 bitcoins? Bitfinex owed them with some made up Bitfinex token or something that as far as I’m aware got removed anyway.