Sometimes called “China’s Ethereum,” Antshares rebrands as Neo and lays out bitcoin symbol alt codes roadmap for the future of blockchain tech in China. Ready to start building Dapps?

Dive deep into blockchain development. Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? Bradley Fink has been living in China since 2012. A professional writer, he likes to follow all things blockchain, as AI and the Internet of Things connect the world around us. China, announced a complete rebranding of its blockchain solution, as well as a number of other developments detailing their ambitious plans forward. One of the revelations was the platform’s new name and brand, NEO, which in Greek means newness, novelty and youth. The developers also highlighted the strengths of their advanced smart contract code, which will support decentralized commerce, digital identities and the digitization of many different assets.

This rebranding of Antshares represents a new direction for the development of China’s blockchain community. Antshares wallets, which will be used as gas on the platform. NEO team is working on new clients and a UI for the new NEO brand. Throughout the day, there were presentations from participants including Microsoft representatives, NEO platform developers, and founders of partner platforms. Among the select attendees were several major potential investors, industry experts and blockchain enthusiasts, as well as members of the Chinese financial and mainstream media. After announcing NEO’s new brand and strategy, Da Hongfei elaborated on the future of blockchain technology, where every asset will be digitized and programmable with smart contracts. NEO’s recent new startup partners include Bancor, Agrello, Coindash, Nest Fund, and Binance, with more partner announcements to come.

In his presentation, Erik Zhang discussed the evolution of Smart Contracts 2. 0, and explained the main differences between NEO and Ethereum. One big contrast of these competing platforms is their programming languages. Ethereum requires developers to learn to program with Solidity.

Neo, on the other hand, will support almost all programming languages via a compiler, including those on Microsoft. Java, Kotlin, Go and Python, greatly lowering the difficulty for developers to write smart contracts. By making its programming languages more inclusive, NEO hopes to attract a larger community of developers. Zhang also explained the mechanics of the NEO Virtual Machine, its execution engine and interoperability. Based on the concept of Ethereum’s The DAO, a blockchain-based investment fund, Tony Tao is about to release a whitepaper for a similar project.