Including confirmation status, double expend reports, inputs and outputs hyperlinks and more! Track confirmed and unconfirmed address balances, related transactions, and change currencies on bitcoin testnet explorer fly.

The Insight REST API provides you with a convenient, powerful and simple way to read data from the bitcoin network and build your own services with it. Thin data model using bitcoind RPC interfase to validate blockchain information. LevelDB for data storage and, optionally, raw bitcoind data files processing. Reports on double spend attempts, outpoints confirmations, outputs spend status reports.

Input and Outputs hyperlinks in transactions. Extended view in transactions to show advance details. On the fly currency convertion using bitstamp rates. Set up and run a full Bitcoin Node with Bitcore. This tutorial will go over the basics of spinning up a Bitcore node.

Before you begin, you’ll need to have around 8GB of memory and about 200GB of disk space available to store the Bitcoin blockchain plus additional database information. The process of downloading the blocks and indexing can take upwards of 24 hours on livenet and 2 hours for testnet, depending on Internet connection and other factors such as CPU and disk speed. It’s also possible to use an existing Bitcoin data directory, which will speed up the process as reindexing can take upwards of 12 hours for livenet and 1 hour for testnet. It’s recommended to install the Node Version Manager, as this makes it simple to switch between different Node. We will specifically need to install and run v0. Bitcore comes with a command line utility for creating and managing your full node.

At this point, if you just want to sync the blockchain and run the Insight Block Explorer, then you are done! This will create the directory “mynode” in your current working and install all of the necessary dependencies and configuration files for your node. Your node can run on “livenet” or “testnet”. Then change the network value to “testnet” or “livenet”.