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These workshops will typically be part-day events, and some may be presented under NDA rules. Wall Street Blockchain Alliance to produce the event, which was focused on the realities of moving from proof-of-concepts to production pilots. Nearly 300 financial markets and blockchain executives attended and learned from a 40-strong “Blockchain Brains Trust” drawn from the leading experts and thought leaders. November 2016 was a collaboration with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, a non-profit trade association. The day focused on the future potential for blockchain technologies when applied to financial markets applications and challenges associated with implementation.

February 2016 and is widely regarded as the very first business-oriented and professional-standard blockchain conference ever produced. Keynoting the day was John Wolpert, then IBM’s first global blockchain offering manager. Austin, TX-based business and technology consulting firm providing business acceleration services related to transformative enterprise technologies, with specific focuses on go-to-market and growth strategies involving vertical markets, partnerships, thought leadership creation and events. Lighthouse’s current focuses are on blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technologies and their symbiotic relationship to AI, IoT and edge computing. Combined, these approaches are set to disrupt existing businesses and create new global-scale opportunities. Lighthouse is also exploring early business applications of quantum computing. Lighthouse’s curated online showcase of real-life applications of blockchain technologies and an exploration of technology approaches that will enable it to underpin address global business requirements.

Lighthouse’s executive events brand and manages all physical gatherings hosted by Lighthouse and Best of Blockchain. Join us for the Blockchain Conference 2017 where leading experts will explain how technology based on distributed ledgers will shape the future of public services. Any new technology creates challenges, but with the right mix of leadership, collaboration and sound governance, distributed ledgers could yield significant benefits for the UK. With potential applications ranging from fraud prevention to processing passport applications, some experts believe blockchain could be a disruptive technology to rival the internet and the printing press. Through the use of distributed digital legers, blockchain would allow the public sector to greatly improve the way it protects and shares sensitive data. By embracing blockchain and becoming early adopters, organisations could drive efficiencies, reduce waste and improve transparency. Anticipate the benefits and limitations of adopting blockchain, understand how public sector leaders can facilitate early adoption and see how this new technology could revolutionise everything from voting to taxation.

Blockchain gives you complete transparency across complex networks. Blockchain can simplify, speed up and automate transactions between multiple organisations. Blockchain delivers efficiency savings by streamlining your operations and digitising workflows. Blockchain allows you to share data with confidence. Blockchain will change the way businesses and the public sector interact with the public. Blockchain provides built-in security and protects against fraud. A joint venture between the Open University and the Knowledge Media Institute.