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Posts on ‘Grasping Reality with Both Hands: bradford-delong. 0 million people voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to be their president and vice president. We used to call it ‘Global Warming’. Later we called it ‘Climate Change’. I have long preferred to call it ‘Excess Solar Energy Trapped in the Bio-sphere’.

That seems to me to explain it better. And I find myself wondering: Why didn’t Hermann Hoth request Rommel for his team in Russia for Operation Barbarossa? Anyone who thinks coming forward with these experiences is easy, even now, is wrong. DEAR MEDIA: WHAT’S THE POINT OF QUOTING SPIN DOCTORS? Trump has long been about Trump, a cult of personality with ample helpings of racism, xenophobia, protectionism and nativism. Although the names of the Anunnaki in Hurrian and Hittite texts frequently vary, they are always eight in number.

But there will never be a good one, will there? And am I wrong, or wasn’t Brooks’s “affable, if repetitive” the party line for the late second term Alzheimers-afflicted Reagan? A strange piece form Michael Boskin. The JCT’s dynamic score assesses the Republican tax “reform” bill as boosting real GDP by 0. The Tax Foundation—which by excluding any deficit drag greatly highballs the growth effects of tax cuts—sees it as boosting real GDP by 1.

And they are sticking to it. We are, they say, “not about to cede professional judgment to others, in or out of government” That’s all they write. I am, I must confess, somewhat flummoxed. I think the real Boskin position comes in the next sentence I quote: “current reform may well have deviated further from the ideal had we not offered our analysis and advice”, with the nudge-nudge-wink-wink claim that their analysis and advice was only taken because they were willing to say whatever their political masters wanted and endorse the final product.