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Please forward this error screen to 198. Know about one the profitable coin to mine right now. You might be searching for the most profitable altcoin to mine right now. Why To Mine Solaris ? What is the Best GPU to Mine XLR ?

Should I Invest in XLR? Which Miner do I Use ? Which Pool Do I Use For Mining ? How do I edit XLR miner . What is the Best Overclock Setting For Solaris Mining ? Solaris is decentralized cryptocurrency and features masternodes. Currently XLR is minable and is ASICs resistant and uses XEVAN algrorithm for POW.

At present XLR is on block 228090 and after 259200 block, it will go to POS. During POS phase you will be earning XLR by stacking nodes and masternodes. Better to mine it right now as we can see price increase. So you won’t be loosing money. Once Solaris enter POS then the only way to earn XLR is by stacking nodes and master nodes. We can expect an increase in price.

If you don’t want to mine Solaris then it’s up to you. My advice would be to buy some XLR right now and hold till 6 December 2017. You can also do this, mine zcoin and sell zcoin to buy XLR. I will be mining XLR till 6 December and will not sell mined XLR. Lets see what happens after 6 Dec. I am not a crypto analyst. Do your own research before investing.

XLR has many wallets available, check them below. Create new account or sign in. Extract the downloaded miner and open xlr. Add following to the bat file and replace it accordingly.

See images below for help. I have 7 X GTX 1080 Ti. I started mining XLR today and will be sharing exact results after some time. As of now I can say for each GTX 1080 Ti you will be mining 4. Few days left for mining don’t miss the train. Each Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti will give you around 5.

If you own any other mining gpu they you can share your gpu hashrate in comments below. Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1070 Ti. We can see price increase after implementation of zerocoin protocol and after POW mining ends. Coin don’t have enough marketcap currently 0.

7 million USD so consider this risky. By the way I will be holding some around 150 XLR. I am using modded miner for xevan algo , download link given above. Currently XLR is listed on coinexchange. These are the minimum stable OC settings which will work on most of the Nvidia GPU’s.