It’s the time that we few long-haul penny investors outdo the professionals, since we have invested the clif high bitcoin miner and sweat. And we can have our chocolate croissants too. I often research how readers land on my relatively unknown and largely unread newsletter. I think people are thinking.

I mean Google Trends are one thing, but reading the fricking tea leaves is for the fools, like me. I’m old, what can I say. But I’ll bet I was in crypto before most. In some cases, I can pull the search phrases people use when they land on a post of mine. Lately, among a dozen other search phrases, someone asked a very odd question, but maybe it’s not so weird. And mind you, I’ve sailed a few rough seas and even the lake I live on in Florida.

A dead mathematician and the world’s first algorithm developer. The serpent eating its own tail. And the name of the wallet? This is all special, but the proof is in the dog, right? Billions of dollars’ worth, in short order. That must be one hell of a shot in the arm. ADA is being consumed in hopes of gains and interest, in the Proof-of-Stake wallet for sure.

Cardano, as I understand it, is a system that is incorporating a new programming language. Like many crypto-projects, development is an ongoing process. With each roll-out, each new improvement, we often see a bump in value. Then the lull, before the next bit of news. Perhaps a new exchange will list it.

I have watched Cardona climb from two cents. In my thinking, it becomes more difficult when your cryptocurrency is separated into parts, like Cardano. And when these parts are separated by borders, it’s even more difficult. To say that this project is not ambitious, is an understatement. Still, I was shocked, as I always am, when cryptos climb that first big wall. When the dumps come now, they will be mythical in scope. Diamond implied that they are now seeing a broader interest in the space.