Blocknet is a decentralized cross-chain interoperability protocol. The Blocknet is a protocol which enables this interoperability through cross-chain atomic swaps and cross-chain data transfer in order to create a token ecosystem for blockchain microservices. The Blocknet is infrastructure for cltv bitcoin coming “inter-blockchain era”, an emerging technology epoch characterised primarily by the superseding of the current API ecosystem with an intrinsically monetizable “token ecosystem”. If blockchains are to achieve their true potential, then broad, generic interoperability between blockchain services is required.

By creating an “internet of blockchains”, the Blocknet is positioned to enable the frictionless monetisation of APIs, and in doing so, to empower blockchain technology by converting its thousands of isolated chains into a token ecosystem. The delivery of potentially any kind of digital service from a node on any blockchain to another. The ability for smart contracts to function not as “dapps” but as “protocol tokens,” where code quality is enhanced by a broad contributor-base of developers from diverse communities, preventing chain bloat and the duplication of code and labour. Developers can therefore deliver services to the entire blockchain-consuming market, instead of the users of one blockchain. The ability to create dapps with a multi-chain architecture, leveraging relevant services no matter which chain they are available on, removing the current need to commit to one blockchain. The capacity for a microservices architecture on which each blockchain delivers a single service, integrated with many others in a modular fashion, providing simpler component design, easier bug-fixing, and smoother upgrading. The monetisation of inter-chain and multi-chain services, using their intrinsic tokens of value.

To support inter-blockchain services, the Blocknet has three core components, which work together to provide three core services. Any coin that supports OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY and has a stock JSON RPC interface cloned from Bitcoin Core will be Blocknet compatible. As a result, the Blocknet supports the majority of cryptocurrencies in existence, and no permission from anyone is required. ERC20 tokens through 0x protocol integration. 128 0 0 0 .

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