Humble Bundle continues to offer these limited-time bundles, but have expanded to include a persistent storefront. 2010, but by its second bundle, the Humble Bundle company was spun out to manage the promotion, payments, and distribution of the bundles. Bundles are presently offered on a humble bundle bitcoin regular basis, with a persistent storefront for individual game sales.

100 million across 50 different charities. As a corporation, Humble Bundle is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with about 60 employees. Rosen had noted that such sales would have viral word-of-mouth spread across the Internet. Rosen also sought to include charities in the bundle, allowing the purchaser to choose how to distribute the funds between the developers and charities. Rosen believed Child’s Play was a worthwhile cause that brought video games to hospitalized children and helped to fight the stigma of video games, while he selected the Electronic Frontier Foundation to support their anti-DRM stance. The means of “pay-what-you-want” would allow purchasers to simply give the money to the charities, but Rosen felt this was not an issue and would “consider that a success” of the sale. Rosen and Wolfire employee John Graham provided technical support during the sales, handling thousands of requests through a few all-night email and chat sessions.

The two recognized the value proposition of continuing this model, and spun out Humble Bundle as its own company shortly after the release of the second bundle. Rosen and Graham served as its founders. 7 million of venture capital into Humble Bundle by April 2011, allowing Rosen and Graham to hire staff to help curate further bundles and handle customer services. Humble Bundle will continue to operate as a separate entity within IGN, and according to the company, there are no plans to change their current business approach in the short-term. Instead, they see “a lot of opportunities” for the customer bases of both companies, according to Humble Bundle founder John Graham. Graham said that the acquisition by IGN enables them to continue to do the same sales and charity promotions “faster and better” with IGN’s resources backing them. IGN’s executive vice president Mitch Galbraith said that they felt Humble Bundle was a “great fit” for IGN, and would also help IGN to “give something back” by supporting its charitable drives.

Humble Bundle and the games they sell” as a result of the acquisition. Among steps to avoid conflicts, Galbraith said that they will keep a firm separation between the IGN editorial staff and Humble Bundle, and will implement policies to report disclosure of ownership when IGN reports on games featured on Humble Bundle’s store or promotions. Since its inception, the Humble Indie Bundle offerings are typically a two-week period where between three and five games are offered at a pay-what-you-want model. More recent bundles have included a “beat-the-average” bonus should the purchaser contribute more than the current average price others have performed. Other bundles have featured game soundtracks as either part of the core bundle or as an extra reward.