O’Reilly Radar’s methodology is simple: draw kedrosky bitcoin charts the wisdom of alpha geeks, amplifying these signals, and see where they fit into the innovation ecology. We’re in the process of moving Radar to the new oreilly.

Radar has moved to oreilly. You might find it in the following list of Radar’s top traffic-generating posts. Which Language Should You Learn First? Wouldn’t it be fun to build your own Google? I want tools that do one thing and do it well. I’ve been lamenting the demise of the Unix philosophy: tools should do one thing, and do it well.

The ability to connect many small tools is better than having a single tool that does everything poorly. That philosophy was great, but hasn’t survived into the Web age. Unfortunately, nothing better has come along to replace it. The poster child for this blight is Evernote. I started using Evernote because it did an excellent job of solving one problem.