Techie wields circular saw while standing over the innards of a workstation. 220 heads to roll as Steria hacks away last bitcoin mined craft UK.

How do we get it? The hidden software typically consumed as much as 60 per cent of CPU capacity on computers visiting the sites. Over time, money mined by the Code-Hive-hosted scripts adds up and is transferred from Coin Hive to the site’s administrators. Here’s a screenshot of the code on showtime. The mining script was loaded early on the page, we note.

We contacted both Showtime and New Relic today asking for more details. New Relic told us it had nothing to do with the mystery code. We take the security of our browser agent extremely seriously and have multiple controls in place to detect malicious or unauthorized modification of its script at various points along its development and deployment pipeline,” New Relic’s Andrew Schmitt told us. Upon reviewing our products and code, the HTML comments shown in the screenshot that are referencing newrelic were not injected by New Relic’s agents. It appears they were added to the website by its developers.