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President Trump disparaged the entire African continent, as well as Haiti and El Salvador, calling the current political discourse “embarrassing. Haitian and pro-Trump protesters yelled at each other from opposing corners just down the street from the president’s Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago retreat. Dick Durbin wearing a suit and tie: Sen. President Trump referred to “shithole countries” during an immigration meeting. Martin Luther King III et al.

Kansas police: Shooting report was latest “SWATting” hoax – Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Navy vet’s mom denied visa to attend son’s funeral in U. Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. Several victims” injured after gunman opens fire on San Francisco highway – Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. California mudslide crews transition to recovery mode – Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. 1 woman dead, 14 other people injured, officials say trailer by fox news. Sergey Lavrov wearing glasses: Russia on North Korea: Why trust U.

Russia on North Korea: Why trust U. Bitcoin futures are up and running, but trading volumes are on the light side. Cboe CEO Ed Tilly is saying the start of bitcoin futures has been a success. Our regulated market experienced a smooth operational open and orderly markets throughout the evening trading session.

We look forward to the growth of this new derivatives market. There were two trading halts, but they were part of the product design and were not unexpected. The Cboe website briefly experienced difficulties as so many tried to access the site as trading started at 6 p. ET Sunday but quickly came back up. Others also felt that while the volume was small, the interest level was sufficient to be considered a success. JB Mackenzie, managing director of futures and forex for TD Ameritrade, told me, “The first trade session was very orderly with good liquidity and volume.