You can download the image file for Raspberry ready to use as miner controller or choose for a manual install on your preferred Debian based system. Just plug your devices in the controller and connect via your browser to mining bitcoin on pc brand new Minera system.

Easy, fast, and reliable mining. Minera is ready to mine for you. Tune up the settings, choose your preffered miner software and relax while it mines for you! If you need help, just drop a line. You control almost everything, take the full advantage of your controller and mining devices.

Minera has only the best miner softwares to mine, making ROI fast is the main goal within security and reliability. The widgets in the top of the dashboard keep you always informed about your miner with a glance. The really detailed tables for devices and pools are useful to have everything under control. We are full of them. History charts and graphical tree devices are cool.

Never leave the Minera tab, just look at the top, you have your preferred currencies with current rates. With the temperature widget and the sysload graphical charts you know when your controller needs you. No more Putty or SSH, now you have a shiny web terminal connected directly to your system. Enable it and you could do everything from your smarphone. Select a guided configuration for your miner, easy to use with checkboxes and sliders to find your perfect setup.

It’s hard to find your miner isn’t mining anymore with the autorestart option. The autorecover option will try to recover it in one minute or less. Schedule a miner restart or a controller reboot and have sweet dreams. If your download didn’t start, please click below. While you are waiting for the download to finish, please read about how to flash your SD Card with the new Minera image you got. ARM controller and you are done!

Remember to uncompress the zip file before trying to flash it. You can simply install Minera on your current Linux controller. Check if it’s a debian based one otherwise download and install a right distribution like Ubuntu. The installer will configure the system requirements and will tell you the URL to connect to. To ensure you have every libraries installed I strongly recommend you to recompile the miner you need, Minera has a utility script to do this, please look below. Now you are ready to mine with your brand new Minera controller, if you need help configuring it follow the link below.

Raspberry image file or manual install, you choose. Just download the image, put into your sd card and turn on your Minera system. Ubuntu PC, follow the steps needed it’s not difficult. Minera is full of details, widgets and tables are build to let you know almost everything from your mining devices and from the controller. You can switch the pool on the fly from the dashboard, calculate fast your earnings and look at the history hashrate, all together. There are many ways to keep everything under control, device tree, charts and system loads should be enough to monitor your controller.