At 6 inches, this Motorola-made Android phone is really large. But is it worth your two-hand attention? Nexus 6 proves that Google’s Nexus program is not only far from dead, it’s alive and kicking with a powerful 6-inch phablet that runs nexus 6 bitcoin latest Android software. It’s bigger than the Note 4, but not better.

This review has been updated regarding Motorola’s design decisions. Google Now, still one swipe to the left, is more personal than ever, which shows this phone is willing to go the extra . The Nexus 6 isn’t for everyone, especially one-handed texters who think the 5. 2-inch Moto X 2014 pushes the limit, or anyone who can’t live without the presence-sensing Moto Active Display.

Google Nexus 6 was available worldwide on every major carrier following its initial early November 2014 release date in the US, and can install Android N. The phone is no longer sold in the Google Store, but it can still be sought online. Android phone with VoLTE enabled on March 12, 2015, four months later. In the UK, Vodafone and O2 were first to launch it. 64GB version, Google has more its device more desirable.