Your graphics card is the most important component of any gaming PC. Make sure you nvidia titan z bitcoin mining the right one for your next rig. If you’re looking for a new GPU for the holidays, we have you covered.

Every gaming PC needs a good graphics card, because no matter the other components, it’s the real workhorse. You can have the fastest CPU, storage, and memory around and still end up with a lame duck if you don’t have an appropriate graphics card. It’s the beating heart that pumps red-hot pixels onto your monitor. The GPU handles all sorts of calculations, running complex shaders and mapping textures to determine what the final pixels will look like on your display. VRAM capacity can be a factor, because if it’s not large enough to hold everything a game needs, the graphics card has to pull data over the PCIe bus, and 4GB is the minimum we generally recommend for new cards.

Simply put, finding the best graphics card for your budget will have the most impact on your PC’s gaming experience. We’ve sifted through the current options and picked out the best graphics cards that are worthy of going in your next PC, whether it’s a savvy middle-of-the-road build, a budget rig, or a 4K monster. Unfortunately, AMD’s Vega GPUs use a lot more power and generally have lower performance than Nvidia’s competing cards. 18-month-old GTX 1080 is faster and uses almost 100W less power, and it typically costs less—a triple-whammy. What’s important to remember is that you don’t need to upgrade your graphics card unless you’re unhappy with its performance. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Z-Cash, and more continues to cause increased demand for graphics cards, but things appear to be settling down.

GPUs like RX Vega and GTX 1070 and above. With the holidays upon us, there’s also the possibility of scoring a good deal. GPUs don’t normally go on crazy sales, at least in larger volumes, but you can often save 5-10 percent if you’re patient. Our price lists will update in real-time, and show the current best prices we’re tracking. Here are our picks for the best graphics cards right now.

The best graphics card isn’t normally the fastest graphics card. That honor goes to the Titan Xp, or at least the GTX 1080 Ti. Similarly, the best card isn’t the least expensive option, because while there are cards like the RX 560 and GTX 1050 that deliver great value, performance is still a factor. The best graphics card is one that can strike a balance between high performance and a reasonable price. Nvidia’s GTX 1070 has been at or near the top of the heap since it launched, and with cryptocurrency mining no longer causing quite as many problems, it returns to its rightful place.