Bitcoin craziness spreads to Overstock, Square – Nov. Square have recently seen their fortunes rise and fall along with the breathtaking moves overstock bitcoin newsletter bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin insanity is invading far-flung corners of the stock market.

Check out the meteoric rise of Overstock. In recent months, Overstock has revealed plans to accept all cryptocurrencies on its platform and to open up a crypto exchange. July and their peak on Monday. It’s an unbelievable move that even bested bitcoin’s spike during that period. Not bad for a stock that had been down on the year before that point. But much like bitcoin itself, Overstock is vulnerable to sudden nosedives. Overstock didn’t make any announcements that would explain its drop this week.

11,000: What the heck is going on? Jack Dorsey, is also getting in on the bitcoin boom. November 15 an experiment to allow some users of its Cash app to purchase bitcoin. We’re always listening to our customers and we’ve found that they are interested in using the Cash app to buy bitcoin,” a spokesperson for Square said in an email to CNNMoney.