Will Budget 2018 rejig tax slabs, clarify tax treatment on Bitcoin? Tax experts expect FM Arun Jaitley to raise the investment cap under Section 80C of I-T Act to around Rs 2. What is Probate of a Will plutus bitcoin why is it important?

Amit Kolekar, Associate Partner, Rajani Associates, spells out the nuances of a Probate of a Will. Experts advise investing in mutual funds only after understanding the schemes and their functioning in the light of one’s investment needs and risk appetite. Besides other purposes, the pension regulator has stipulated 15 diseases for which a subscriber can withdraw from the accumulated corpus. 5 tips to follow if your life needs financial cleansing! Setting aside time to focus on money habits can make a huge impact on short-term financial health and provide just the motivation to kick bad habits, get your finances in order, and keep them that way.