Setup with the USB bitcoin miner to quad core bitcoin mining USB powered hub with fan. USB hub must be at lest 1. Also the Rpi heatsink and fan. 7 without burning the core processor.

Install fresh Raspian on your SD card with a minimum of 8gb. Install Putty software and get into the terminal. As for all Linux machines, update and upgrade. Use this code to use to install independencies. Paste this code in every time you need to reboot the raspberry pi.

You can solo mine or pool mine. I made 20 bucks in 3 days. I recommend Bitminter because of its easy gui. I don’t know much about ras pie, and I looked at this and it looks good and feasiable but then as I went down the page it became Chinese. Can someone give me a way to work this for someone who is new to all of this? Hey guys, I am new to bitmining and want to do it kinda on the sideline for an extra buck here and there. I was wondering could you use this same technique for a raspberry pi 3 and use 4 usb hubs full of antminers?

Also, would the code still the same? Hi, can you provide some guidance. After inputting the following command. RPi B, I get the following errors towards the end of the output.

WARNING: invalid host type: . Am I missing some input parameters or doing something wrong? Hello i make everything but my raspberry pi don`t find my asci miner I use differend model miner What can I do Thank you. 2 xeon x5690’s and 2 l5506’s just folding at home for heat, i would rather get money out of it.

Cpu mining is inificient and gpu mining is power consuming so you wouldnt make any money. Only in the kilahash range. 7 for 6 months no mater what! If you would like to cpu mine or gpu mine, I recommend litecoin, ziftercoin, doggiecoin, or anty coin that accepts script. It will be perfect since ordinary asic hardware cant handle it. By the way, use mineral oild and a colling system for the mineral oil.

It is about efficiant as water cooling but cooler as in awesome. You should have titanX or gtx gforce 980ti graphics card and intel core i7 5960X with an evga titanium 1600W. Also get them from micocenter since they gave me awesome prices. 1300w psu was a gift from a firend. 35F inside to 45-55F depending on how cold it is.

If you were at the begining of bitcoin, you would make a ton. You can do it fairly easily on Windows or Linux or Mac. For best results you do NOT want to use your CPU – you want a Radeon graphics card. Doesn’t even need to be top-end but mid-range and fairly recent Radeons are far and away better at bitcoin mining than even the best Nvidias. GPU that matters and the Radeon GPUs are a better match to the work of bitcoin mining.

Also – it really isn’t very economical to do it on a PC. You have to run the PC itself and that uses LOTS more power than a Raspberry Pi or a dedicated ASIC plugin. PC but, again, it is power hungry because you have to run the PC with its 400W or higher power supply just to operate the low power USB dongles. Raspberry Pis use very little power and so that is why they are favored over using PCs generally. Add it all together on a Pi and you use minimal power so your overhead is much lower. 1930’s to working order only took me 2.