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So he called the Russian version of 911 – 112 emergency line. However after listen to him carefully operator said they don’t treat things like this. A new collection of fresh interesting images from Russia. Some go with captions to help you enjoy them fully. Photos from main gold storage of Central Bank of Russia. Almost 1800 tons of gold is stored here. This makes Russia to be number six in the world by gold storage.

Welcome to the next part of “Only in Russia” weird and interesting daily shots from Russia edition. Here are some selected photos from all around the country. Every photo has its own quirk. It’s not easy to get a Ferrari, especially if you live at Russian Far East, very far away from Italy.

Russia was always known for its inventors who take whatever they have and turned to whatever they need. Sometimes we show you “time capsules” – cars that were staying untouched for some time and then discovered in an almost perfect condition. This time is a totally different story. This 1980 Moskvitch-2140 had only 25,000 km on odometer when it was left in this moist and damp garage.