Rent, sell or share anything. Airbnb apartments become fully automated, smart objects can be rented on demand and unused vehicles get a new lease on life. We’re developing the future infrastructure of the Sharing Economy. We think of IoT as an extended slockit bitcoin vertical for network infrastructure.

Creator of Solidity joins Slock. Former Ethereum CCO Stephan Tual joins Slock. Founder Stephan Tual explains why smart contracts will soon be part of our daily lives at Lift2016. Founders take you throught the Slock. Blockchain – transparency, security and auditablity – to real-world objects. Our technology can be embedded in almost any device and the first prototypes are already in the hands of developers.

All Rights Reserved — Slock. 1″:2,”2″:”Crypto Currency Partners managing partner Brock Pierce discusses the Bitcoin stories and raising capital. Crypto Currency Partners managing partner Brock Pierce discusses the Bitcoin stories and raising capital. Crypto Cousins Podcast hosts Gary Leland and Tony Cecala interview Trace Mayer about protecting yourself from Segwit2X with monetary sovereignty. October 2008 to the recent hard and soft forks.

We look at the architecture and the technology underpinning this revolutionary protocol, decode some of the more complex ideas and, amidst a tsunami of ICO offerings, try to assess the future for cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. 27,000 Bitcoin in four months. As best as I can tell, the CT fake news writer, David Dinkins, never attempted to contact me to ask for any clarification on the Tweet. 2x and many other topics. There are some technical difficulties with the audio but we think it is still worth sending out to everyone. 1″:2,”2″:”Max Keiser interviews Trace Mayer about polymaths shaking the world with asymmetric encryption. Michelle Hope of Portfolio Wealth Global interviews Trace Mayer about the cryptocurrency space.

1″:2,”2″:”Michelle Hope of Portfolio Wealth Global interviews Trace Mayer about the cryptocurrency space. Trace Mayer about the cryptocurrency space. 5 minutes by editing out pauses, ums, ahs, etc. We do not take your time and attention for granted and currently there is no advertising so please do not take our money for granted and support the podcast! Ciphrex CEO Eric Lombrozo discusses the live Segregated Witness test net. CoinBR Founder Rocelo Lopez discusses the Brazilian market. The Leaders who are Changing the Game.

Over the course of 2015, I’ve had the opportunity, to either meet or talk to, some visionary technologists and business leaders who are making some of the most transformative tools and applications in the blockchain space. Vous cherchez un speaker ? Vous souhaitez promouvoir ou organiser un évènement ? Vous souhaitez promouvoir un livre blanc ? I chose these companies not only for their creativity in showcasing the breadth and power of blockchain technology across industries, but also for their potential, their applied ideas, and their courage to innovate. Lead by Jessi Baker, Dr Jutta Steiner, these two ladies bring some serious technological chops. With their technology you can easily gather and verify stories, keep them connected to physical things and embed them anywhere online.

Being based in South East Asia, and although this is area host a few important financial services centres, an even larger opportunity for transformation lies within shipping, logistics, and commercial trade. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore and Hong Kong. Under this large industry umbrella, there is a variety of industry categories that would be well served by the provenance platform, one being the luxury goods industry. It’s been an on-going battle to wipe out the scourge of counterfeit goods, which Provenance seems primed to mitigate.

Outside of this area, one can only imagine what they their technology could mean for the art world as well. Lead by Guy Ziskind, Oz Nathan, and advised by Prof. Alex Pentland, Enigma is a decentralized cloud platform that guarantees privacy. Private data is stored, shared and analyzed without ever being fully revealed to any party. It provides secure multi-party computation, empowered by the blockchain.

This is as futuristic and radical as the blockchain gets, and if proved, as it’s still in beta, could be one of the most important innovations to come out in the space as it solves some of the most difficult problems in technology today: privacy and security. Under the stoic leadership of Joseph Lubin, Consensys is an antifragileorganization that is steeped in the theoretical frameworks of Ronald Coase. A hub and spoke model, that nurtures a loose federation of blockchain technologists all working in multiple verticals, yet leveraging their collective understanding and skills. Look for Consensys to build upon their success with Block Apps and the Microsoft collaboration on Azure, as their federation and core team grows to bring some exciting innovations in the blockchain space.