Faucet Game is a bitcoin faucet dedicated to providing spin and win bitcoin professional experiences of earning free bitcoin while playing vegas-style faucet games. It’s been a while since we last posted.

These single posts are not fair to the active players that have been genuinely chatting throughout the hour. Do not ask for more rain or for anyone to tip the rainmaster. Do not complain or whine about not getting rained on. There are more players that don’t get rained on than there are that do.

Nobody likes a rain leecher. No inappropriate language, keep it clean. This stands for VIP users as well. Do not spam the chatbox with links. PROMOTE “CLOUD MINING”, “PONZIES”, “MAGIC BITCOIN DOUBLERS”.

They are all scams and you should stop kidding yourself. Posting referral links in open chat without the prior consent from the Admin or a Mod may get you chat banned with no warning. However, you may PM a ref link to another if they ask for it. If you don’t respect this, we will not respect you posting your links and you will be chat banned for a certain period of time. Do not make any shady deals or harassment messages in PM to other users. Each message you send deducts 10 credits and moves it into the rain pool.

Sorry, you have been logged off. It appears you have tried to spin while inactive. This is to help prevent the use of unauthorised bots. Rest assured that your spin was not wasted. You have exceeded the daily allowed spins that a regular user could never be able to do.

Thank you for your generous donation. Sorry, we’re unable to display your spin because we are getting too many requests from you. Please slow down the speed you are spinning. You can earn free Bitcoin while playing games for free!

Please have fun and enjoy your stay. Wheel of Fortune is a wheel, which contains a number of equally divided segments, separated by spokes or pins. Every segment has a number or reward. The result after a spin will be the number or prize which is indicated by the pointer on the left side of your screen. How do I play on the Wheel of Wealth?

All you need to do is place your BET and click the button ‘SPIN’ and wait for your result. How much can I win on the Wheel of Wealth? This depends on the segment that you land on after spinning. You will find out when you land on it!

What is the Faucet Countdown Timer? The Faucet Countdown Timer shows the remaining time until you can make your next free Bitcoin Claim. The countdown will move slowly from red to green, and once it is green you can click it to claim Free Bitcoin. How do I bet more than 1 Credit? You can bet only 1 Credit because you are most likely still at Level 1.