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8819031 20 19 10 16. The blockchain enabled payment system will allow to exclude a costly middleman from the money transfer process in future. Automatic execution of contracts between the participants, powered by a smart contract, will make the process of ordering services more transparent for both sides and will decentralize the control function. Due to the blockchain technology it becomes possible to crowdsource the platform curation process which is a reasonable way to operate the global peer-to-peer business. Delivered by resourceful local people and paid via blockchain enabled peer-to-peer payment system. Combining peer-to-peer interactions and advanced analytics we aim at producing highly personalized behaviour-based offers and transforming travel experience into really personalized experience around the world.

Trustworthy local people make travel really personalized experience and help travelers save their valuable time. The core value of the platform. All the interactions are built on the core interaction – creation and transfer of P2P travel concierge services. An infrastructure for the value creation and value exchange between participants. 31 trillion coming directly from the industry.