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First prototype planned for autumn 2018. Token launch starts on Nov 7 with bonuses for early contributors. It will use blockchain technology to give the Button to You, push for operational efficiencies, provide volumes to partners and great prices to passengers. 20 companies work on flying cars.

6 corporations have invested in manufacturing. Consortium will provide the complete package of technologies for the urban air taxi grid. You think you read this to learn about us. Instead you will realise that YOU are already one of us. Technology Consortium Members will give you technology to be used in your city. Local entrepreneurs and evangelists like yourselves will deploy them into a local grid of connected devices — the IoT — internet of things. If you don’t do it, then your local government or a larger corporation will do it, but much later and you will have to pay higher fares.

18 companies are working on eVTOLs. Volvo, Tencent and Atomico Ventures are investing hundreds of millions of USD into eVTOL development. Flying vehicles are closer than you think. To make them commonly used, people have to build a large infrastructure: chargers, landing pads, maintenance and relevant services to request flight on demand. There may be a few more, but it all means that all your future transportation is going to be provided centrally.

They may control all prices on the market. Data on the route and flight style, chosen by the customer. Data on technical lifetime expenditures. Data on content, consumed by the client during the flight.