Please forward this error screen to 158. Temp gpu mining bitcoin forward this error screen to 173. Searching for perfect solutions for monitoring your mining rig then you serach completed here. Know how to restart mining rig automatically if crashed.

I have been in to crypto mining now for 5 months and since then I have kept searching for a way to monitor my mining rig. So that I get email  notification every time mining gets stopped or i could restart mining automatically in case of a crash. All my searches for this went in vain as I didn’t find any mining monitoring software which could solve my problem. Every mining monitor which I found had limitations like some are paid only, can monitor some particular algo and pool.

Finally I decided to make one for myself and you all can use it. I have been working on this from last 2 weeks as I am not a professional programmer however for pros it might be a couple of hours work. At last, script is working as I wanted. This Mining Monitoring Tutorial consists of 4 articles.

In case of miner crash, gpus will stop working and cool down to trigger the script to re-run the miner. I live in a remote area so network stability is an issue at my region. I have two different internet connections if one goes down miner will automatically get connected to other one. So that you can act accordingly. If you don’t know your mining rig is not working you will be loosing money during that time.

I have different solution for that, check part 4 of this tutorial series to know more. Currently you are on the first one. In part 1 of tutorial you will learn how to automatically restart the mining software in case of crash. Script is ready for all parts and successfully tested, all I need is time to write the articles. Change following in powershell script provided. 25 degree celsius at my area. I think 35 will work for most of you, or you may tweak it as per need.