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Please stop politicizing Martin Luther King Day. Can we allow American families, even if just for a moment, to appreciate Dr. King’s legacy without being bombarded with top trending political stories? When I heard the alarm blaring this time and looked at my phone, shock set in for a few seconds. Our lives were in danger and it was the press of a button that could end it all.

The ‘but so-and-so did it first! A stock photo of a Police Line “Do Not Cross” caution tape with a defocused police car with sirens flashing red and blue. The founder of a popular New Jersey comic book convention reportedly banned famed actor Kevin Sorbo because of his friendship with Sean Hannity. Fox411: Aziz Ansari responds to accusation of sexual assault, says sex was consensual. Widespread panic caused by a false missile alarm sent to residents and tourists in Hawaii triggers concerns about U.

Navy four-star admiral and former commander of the 7th Fleet in Japan. What if the launch had been real? What if it really had been headed for Hawaii—or a city on our West Coast? The uproar over the president’s disparaging remarks about Haiti and other poor countries helps Dems in their goal of hobbling if not ending his presidency. Fox News politics editor says President Trump needs Sen.

Dick Durbin on his side for tough upcoming negotiations on immigration reform and government funding. Want to avoid government shutdowns? What if NBC and the NFL had the guts to be honest about anthem protests at the Super Bowl? At the heart of why fans are turning away is that the NFL and NBC refuse to publicly question if this is really the proper way to protest.

Cancer patients live longer in the U. EU because of the free-market investments we make in drugs and other treatments. Think Apple is going to protect your kids? FNC host shares blessing of having big strong legs. Feds: Woman laundered money to people in China, Pakistan and Turkey, then planned to travel to Syria. 2018 Golden Globes host Seth Meyers did not hold back mocking disgraced Hollywood men Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, even giving a predictable dig to President Trump. For every person worried about the dangerous lack of civility in our politics and sincerely asking what we can do about it in the coming year, the answer lies within our reach.

Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz reacts on ‘The Story’ to the president’s decision to keep the nuclear deal alive for now. Imposing harsh and broad economic sanctions on Iran would be a mistake and play right into the hands of the hardliners in Tehran who pose the greatest threat to the United States. The actor takes aim at the president over the Haiti controversy. Who is Sean Penn to lecture Trump about compassion?

It is utterly astounding that Time magazine published an op-ed by clueless actor Sean Penn, lecturing President Trump on compassion and justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. 1 percent of those who assaulted the cops. President Trump is following the law. We have not yet attained the America that Dr.

All of us should take this holiday to reflect on Dr. President Donald Trump speaks during a prison reform roundtable in the Roosevelt Room of the Washington, Thursday, Jan. Female student sitting on her own at school. She has a smartphone in her hand and a stressed expression on her face. Alarming new reports that should concern every parent link heavy smartphone use by children to an increased rate of social isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts and even suicide. Trump reportedly asks: Who’s the ‘pretty Korean lady’?