How do I buy or sell Linden dollars? What is the difference between virwox bitcoin withdrawal orders and limit orders?

Why is my limit order only partially filled? What is the “manual step” required to process some withdrawals, and how long does it take? Will the bank charge me fees for my withdrawal to a bank account? I forgot my username or password. How do I get it back? I cannot validate my avatar! How do I become a partner and earn commission?

How do I get a terminal on my land? With limit orders, you will never get an exchange rate that is worse than what you specified. Because of this, it may sometimes take some time until an order is fully matched with counter-offers. Current Market Depth” displayed on the Exchange page when placing an order. Withdrawals to bank accounts are usually processed on the morning of the next business day. They will be processed within 48 hours.

In any case, you will receive an email confirmation when the withdrawal has been processed. Note: For security reasons, the first withdrawal of bitcoins will always be delayed by 48 hours. A technical problem has occurred and your payment could not be processed. The spaces between the items are tabs.

Save the file, then choose it for the file attachment on the Mass Payment page. Within the EU, we can send payments in Euro without banking fees. For other currencies, and to non-EU countries, our bank charges us fees that we have to deduct from your withdrawal. These fees are 15 Euro for transfers up to 5. 000 Euro, above that the fee is 30 Euro up to 10. It therefore only makes sense to transfer large amounts by bank. This is most likely the result of a spelling error when you entered the name of your avatar.