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DO NOT OPEN MAILS “FROM THIS WEB SITE”, this web site never sends out mails of any type for any reason. If you get a mail “from this web site” it is not from here. There is no point in sending mails when they are completely censored. The tracking numbers are indeed being used to locate the CD’s and DVD’s in the postal system, and they are then taken out of the system and put back in TWO MONTHS later. DVD months ago and it has not arrived yet, it’s just enemies in the system holding them for huge periods of time. As a result of this happening, all future packages will be dual mailed with only the tracking number of the decoy sent through the Ebay system. All the Linux DVD’s were sent with decoys to prevent intercepts by the NSA.

That will help solve the problem with direct tampering within the postal system itself. But it looks like decoys for everything I send out need to be used. Only place orders if you actually want the item offered. Many thanks to those who donated to keep this site going. All conspiracy files DVD’s will now arrive with a Linux image on the DVD in addition to the files. To order a ready to go bootable Knoppix 8. I saved a lot from Christmas because people sent extra and now have enough to get through January, thanks!

Once you try Knoppix, you’ll never go back. Turkey and Iran are not friends. No, contrary to the scamming U. MSM and planted media in the middle east, Ahmadinejad was not arrested.

The Al-Arabia report about the former Iranian president being arrested for inciting the protests is a HOAX. According to the Turkish press, the CIA sent 900 agents fronting as businessmen to Iran under the disguise of helping Iran recover from economic sanctions. Once they were in Iran, rather than conduct business, they fronted the riots. HERE IT IS FOLKS, THE FULL REPORT. Turkish media outlets said Michael D’Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran, has led the recent unrests and riots in a number of Iranian cities and towns. The Turkish-language Takvim newspaper reported that D’Andrea has masterminded the violent protests which killed 20 people in Iran.

It added that D’Andrea has sent 900 agents disguised as businesspersons to Iran to ignite unrests and riots in the Iranian cities and towns. Earlier, the Turkish-language Aksam newspaper had also released a similar report. Saudi Arabia masterminded the recent unrests in Iran within the framework of an operations room in Erbil of the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Certain reports have also claimed the presence of the UAE’s representative in the operations room and we are studying them,” Rezayee said on Saturday. He said that the operations room had plotted to start its activities in Iran late in fall, using social media, and then hit a blow to the Islamic Republic early and mid winter, adding that they had named the project as “Fruitful Convergence”.

Iranian cities from the government in the first phase, smuggle weapons to the country to kill people and then pressure the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions against Iran under the US pressure, adding that in the second phase they wanted to pave the ground for the MKO members to enter Iran and then make the Europeans accompany them in measures against Tehran. And these are the overall points of the Erbil scenario,” he concluded. Iranian people took to the streets across the country for the fourth consecutive day on Saturday, to show their solidarity with the Islamic Republic and condemn the recent scattered riots in some areas of the country. They shouted slogans and carried placards, condemning violence and sedition.

They also carried images of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and Iran’s flag to show allegiance to them. Last week, a number of peaceful protests began in several areas across the country, with the participants calling on authorities to address their economic issues. However, the economic protests in a number of Iranian towns in the past few days turned into riots each comprised of a few hundred protesters after the peaceful gatherings were overshadowed when armed elements and vandals showed up among ordinary protesters and began to launch attacks on public property, police stations and religious sites. The original protesters soon left the streets upon calls by the authorities so security forces could deal with the rioters and sporadic violence, which continued in some towns and cities for several days. People across the country, including Khuzestan, Qom, Kermanshah, Ilam, Gilan, Alborz, Lorestan, North Khorassan, Golestan and Hamedan provinces, gathered in important squares and streets of their cities and towns to show unity and deplore hijack of the recent economic protests in Iran by rioters in the country. They chanted “Death to the US”, “Death to Israel” and “Death to the Seditionist” slogans to condemn US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s support for the recent riots in Iran.