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So you end up doing life little by little. Gambino wiseguy in the eighties. He was sharp in charcoal suits and tasteful ties during four days of testimony in U. District Court at 500 Pearl Street, cooperating in order to beat a 25-years-to-life racketeering rap of his own. Of course I did, we all did, including your client .

I know he’s not your problem. It was like a joke . But the bow on the candy box, where was that delivered? Tell you the truth, I don’t remember. You mean you can’t remember where something as unusual as that occurred? Jurors began checking the courtroom clock. District Court judge Richard C.

Casey, who’s legally blind, was rolling his eyes. I think it was my house. They mighta brought it to my place. Does that enlighten the picture for you, counselor? You don’t remember if they brought a large payoff in a candy box with a bow around it to your home, Mr. I frankly don’t understand the relevance of this line of questioning, Mr. And if you’re going to go on in this vein, I think it’s a good time to take a break.

Scars popped his jaw muscles. The sergeant-at-arms left Courtroom 14C to fetch Barney, Judge Casey’s Seeing Eye dog. Gotti-Carbonaro trial opened last November, Assistant U. Gambinos were left without effective leadership. Despite government protestations to the contrary, their empire shrank enormously.