We may have a winner in this year’s game of Bitcoin Lotto. We may have a winner in this year’s game of Bitcoin Lotto. Investigators busted a ring will obrien bitcoin nefarious do-badders who were conspiring with customs officials throughout Southeast Europe to fake customs documents in order to avoid taxes. The criminals were using Bitcoin as part of the scheme.

If those criminals have internet in the pokey, you can bet they are banging their heads against the bars pretty much nonstop. As for the Bulgarian government, well, who knows? Bitcoin windfall, but didn’t get an answer. 3 billion could help balance the checkbook for the next several years. However, the Bulgarian government also likely faces the same dilemma as every holder of Bitcoin: Is this a bubble? If yes, the government should dump all those Bitcoin ASAP. 30,000 per Bitcoin, government leaders will be banging their heads against a wall for decades if they sell now.

The crypto currency boom is creating a new gilded generation of super wealthy individuals who were savvy enough to snap up Bitcoin early on. Now these fortunate sons and daughters of the virtual currency age are faced with a gigantic, unsympathetic problem: How to spend their wealth? The London-based service has connected with auto dealers in the U. Europe to sell Lamborghinis for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moonlambos cofounder Ivan Soto-Wright says he sees the service as a first step toward offering a much larger range of ecommerce options to this new class of consumers. We want to facilitate a solution to a key problem, which is how do you spend it? But along the way, Soto-Wright said he started hearing more and more questions about how to convert virtual currency into real-world assets.